Daisy’s Run Pre-Order Giveaway

Pre-Order Book One (1)

Love strong female protagonists, snarky banter, cyborgs and space adventures? Pre-order Daisy’s Run (book 1) on Amazon and receive books 2 and 3 FREE OF CHARGE.

  1. Pre-order Daisy’s Run on Amazon  (click to go to the pre-order page)
  2. Email a screenshot of your pre-order Amazon receipt to scottbaronwrites@gmail.com
  3. In the email subject line, write “PRE-ORDER”

That’s all there is to it.

Or if you prefer to enter via the alternate giveaway page which provides you a web form with fields to enter your information, just Click the Image Below

Ass-Kicking Women in Sci-Fi Book Giveaway (1)

However you participate, after Daisy’s Run is officially released you will receive a download link for both books 2 and 3 to the email you have provided.

Want to see what others are saying about Daisy’s Run? Check out it’s Advance Reader Reviews on Goodreads.

Thank you for your support, and happy reading!

Scott Baron

-Exciting action sequences, good dialogue, nifty science, and well-drawn relationships make for an entertaining read.- - Kirkus Reviews

If the download link does not work for your device for whatever reason, epub, mobi, pdf, and KOBO files can be emailed to you directly.

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