Bad Luck Charlie Audiobook Review

Great and detailed review of my first ever audiobook from the great folks at Quella.

Quella Reviews

What might you expect from a story about an engineer who is
afraid of space travel assigned to a maiden voyage of a starship and some new technology? Well, let me say, this is only the first of
many things that can and does go wrong for Charlie as his luck goes from bad to
worse. “Bad Luck Charlie” is the first
book in “The Dragon Maze” series and appears to be the premiere work published
on Audible by author Scott Baron. The audiobook
edition is delightfully narrated by Gary Bennett. Even though the audiobook has a slower and bumpy
start getting going, it does not take much time to wonderfully blossoms in to a
very deep and compelling science fiction adventure. The listener is taken from one wonderfully awful
place to the next, but each experience is like a gem for the listener. If you are a person who…

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