Short Script Collaboration: Audrey’s Knickers

Shore Scripts Laurel

Knickers: (N) \nikərz\

Def: A woman’s or girl’s underpants (which may or may not have magical properties).

So recently my dear friend Gillian Hay  (link to her Spotlight page)

a bloody amusing Scottish actress, songwriter and all-around great gal, shared a short story of hers with me. It was a funny little tale she had whipped up about a girl with an abundance of hope but also an abundance of bad luck when it comes to men. That is, until she is visited by a pair of mysterious, talking underpants.

It was absurd and amazing, so needless to say, I was hooked. We laughed excessively at the madness that tends to spring from her mind (even moreso than most Scottish people, and that’s saying a lot), and after the revelry finally diminished, we decided to collaborate and see what would come of it. Ultimately we made some tweaks and additions here and there, fleshed certain parts of the story a bit more, and then I sat down and banged out a short screenplay adaptation of her brain-child, which got us all the way to the quarter finals in the Shore Scripts Screenplay Competition (yay us!) Screen Shot 2015-11-05 at 6.13.15 PM

If you’d care to give our little tale of talking underpants a read, here’s a link. Audrey’s Knickers

4 thoughts on “Short Script Collaboration: Audrey’s Knickers

  1. Ricardo says:

    That was a very lovely read. Especially liked the Animation inserts.
    One question. When there’s a V.O. in parenthesis next to Helen’s, does that mean is a voice over?
    Wouldn’t you use Off Screen instead?


    • I often use V.O. for telephone calls (if it’s not an intercut conversation), as well as voicemails in addition to narration. Really just a preference. The only key I feel is to be consistent with your choice throughout the script (don’t switch from O.S. to V.O.). I usually use O.S. for someone in the same location but off screen, though some use O.C. for Off Camera.

      Glad you enjoyed the read, Gillian has some ridiculously fun ideas in her noggin and it was a lot of fun getting it into script form.

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      • Ricardo says:

        It is very cool to read you about script form and such. Just earlier today I watched an Academy video on tips for screenwriters, and one of the suggestions was to start reading scripts. Yours has been the first one I go through.


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