Sometimes the Day Job takes over

While most of us would rather pursue our deepest passions every day of the week. For me, that’s writing, be it oddball short story collections, novels, or even screenplays, but from time to time it becomes necessary to dip one’s toes back into the waters of the dreaded, “Working for Someone Else.” This usually means little time for writing, as television and film production, more often than not, leads to 14 or more hour days. Sometimes, however, the end result is so good it’s worth it.


Oh yes. Weeks of sleep later, I’ve recovered from my recent gig for FX and I have to say, it is shaping up to be a really good show. If you’ve ever been interested in the origins of crack cocaine in 1980’s Los Angeles, John Singleton’s Snowfall is the show for you. Check out the FX trailer.

It’s coming July 5th, so please, give it a try. We put a LOT of hours into it, and the entire cast and crew sincerely hope you’ll enjoy it.

4 thoughts on “Sometimes the Day Job takes over

    • Nope, I wasn’t a writer on that show. My day job is working as an on-set medic. While I’d love to write for TV, it’s a super-hard world to break into, even for us who know TV writers & show runners.


      • Ricardo says:

        Before I moved to Los Angeles from a central american country, I would hear tales, mainly online, about how difficult breaking into the movie industry was. I would dismiss the claims as “breaking into any industry is hard”.
        Two years and no success later, I am returning back home with nothing but the memory of “oh yeah I lived in LA for a while.”
        Best of luck to you Scott!


      • Thanks Ricardo. Been in the biz for a looooong time, but it took several years to get in the union. Prior to that, it was any non-union job I could find. Perseverance usually pays off, but not always. Best of luck back home!


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