Knight Resurrected: Knight Rider Reboot 30 Years Later


No article today, just a quick self-serving blurb.

I just posted Knight: Resurrected to The Black List. I rather enjoyed this one, the story of a teenager who unwittingly rescues a long-lost artificially intelligent supercar.  The two become friends and ultimately wind up facing enemies from long ago.  Sort of E.T. meets Fast and Furious in a way.  In any case, if you’re on The Black List, give it a gander, I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Knight Rider: Resurrected 30 years later

In honor of Glenn A. Larson, here’s a little something I posted to Reddit. Well more than little I suppose. It’s a completed script I tried (and failed) to get to the Weinsteins, who own the film rights to Knight Rider. I still really like the story and thought I’d share with my fellow Knight Rider fans.

Logline:  When a teen unwittingly salvages a long-lost artificially intelligent supercar from a junkyard, his new friend’s resurrection does not go unnoticed, thrusting them into harm’s way both on the road and off.

Link below. Hope ya like it. Comments and critique are welcome.

Knight: Resurrected (via my post on Reddit)